CEO Message


Dr. Shaikh Abdul Quader 

Dr. S. A. Quader joined Agriconcern in 2000. He is now working as its Chief Executive Officer. He is an agronomist by profession and holds a degree of Ph.D in agronomy. He was associated with many research programmes in the field of agronomy and has commendable research achievements to his credit. Besides, he had advanced trainings on Marketing Management in the USA and on Crop Production Technologies (Potatoes and cereals) in the Federal Republic of Germany.

He has also to his credit a long and resourceful experience of serving Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation ( BADC), a national body devoted towards development of national agriculture through input promotion and marketing services, and working with the grass root-level farmer groups. In particular, he had the opportunity to organize, manage and run the contract production system of seed crops including potatoes under varied agro-ecological and socio-economic environments. The model for contract production of table and seed potatoes for Agriconcern was developed by him. He acted also as the head of the Seed Marketing Project of BADC at the national level.

He co-sponsored creation of Bangladesh Seed Foundation, a voluntary organization at the national level, to serve the farming communities in the country and rendered advisory and executing services for implementation of its different programmes.

Contract Production of Export Quality Potatoes: 

i)  Export of potatoes:

ii) Marketing of Foundation and Certified Seed potatoes country wide.